Skullpot Showroom Marc Berbet

About us

Skullpot is a brand of the company Skullz GmbH, based in Switzerland. We specialize exclusively in modern rimless toilets and urinals in the shape of skulls.

The idea was born in the spring of 2020, when Marc Berbet, living in Switzerland and Los Angeles, had the vision of a skull toilet. The vision was followed by action and soon the extraordinary design was created. We put a lot of emphasis on making the skull look realistic and lifelike.

The numerous positive feedbacks and orders from all over the world motivated us to continue working exactly in this direction. The design was followed by the first prototype, which in its beauty, far surpasses the photos.

Soon the need for a urinal / urinal with the same skull shape was brought to us by restaurants, bars and clubs. Highly motivated, we have also developed this and produced in a top quality. 

We work closely with one of the world's largest toilet producers and can therefore guarantee a top product. Our colors are not simply painted, all models are baked in the oven at over 1,000 degrees and thus very durable.

You are welcome to convince yourself of this. In our showroom in Aarau and Zurich you can see all four models and the urinal / urinal.

To the toilets and urinals we have developed various interesting accessories. Among them a special cleaning set, wipes sets and what must not be missing of course, Skullpot toilet paper.

We look forward to meeting you!